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Construction and Engineering Toys

All kids love to build - blocks are often one of the first toys given to babies and for a good reason. Learning to hold and throw the blocks and then later stack them helps to build motor skills, coordination and learn the physical properties of objects.

As children get older, blocks are still a great toy and you can start to increase the play and learning potential by providing different shapes and sizes so that they can construct towers, castles, car garages and anything their imagination can come up with. Offer both traditional wooden blocks and plastic interlocking blocks (Lego or Duplo) for different play experiences.

As well as blocks, other great construction toys and engineering toys for kids use plastic disks, tubes, magnets and other shapes to encourage open-ended play and design visualisation.

In recent years there have been some wonderful new engineering toys released onto the market, many of them aimed at girls. Going beyond basic building, these toys for little engineers introduce cogs, pulleys and other items to introduce the basic principals of mechanical engineering.