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Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze is a fun game for older kids that combines the fun of traditional marble runs with logic and spatial visualization skills. I really think there’s a lot of value in bringing traditional board games (or modern versions like this one) back into family time.

When I was a kid we used to play a lot of games like this and as well as being fun, it helped to develop important mathematical and reasoning skills as well as language and just providing a good way to spend some quality time as a family, parents and kids together.

Now kids spend so much time playing games on their computers and tablets, traditional board games have fallen out of fashion but a game like this can’t be replicated properly on a screen.

So the aim of Gravity Maze is to build towers as depicted on the 60 challenge cards, using the 3D pieces on the game grid provided. Each card has an initial setup and then you have to add more pieces to the grid. The trick is working out where to put them so the marble can roll all the way down to the target tower at the end.

Adults love this game as much as kids and it’s genuinely challenging, especially when you get to the higher levels. It’s definitely a great brain workout and something a little bit different for kids who enjoy puzzles.

You don’t need other players for this game – it works just great as a single player game so it’s a nice way to keep your kids occupied when you want to keep them quiet for a while if you don’t want to join in the fun.