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Lego Fusion

STEM Skills targeted: construction, design, engineering
Recommended Age Range: 7-12

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Plain old Lego is one of the best STEM toys you can buy for children from pre-schoolers to teens, but now Lego has become even more appealing in the STEM arena by joining the trend of iPad and tablet toys that combine real-world 3D play with online play in an app.

Lego Fusion is available as a number of kits but they all have the same basic idea – design and build your lego creation on the baseplate and then scan it into the app and bring it to life interacting with characters that move around on screen.

This makes a bit more sense if you read the individual descriptions for each set or watch the video but be assured its tonnes of fun for kids of all ages and helps to incorporate several STEM skills into playtime.

The Lego fusion app is compatible with Apple iPhone 4S and higher, iPad 2 and higher, Kindle Fire phone and HDX and various high-end Android devices – make sure to check your device compatibility with the app before you buy.

Lego Fusion Set Town Master

Lego Fusion Town Master
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This 256-piece set includes everything you need to design and build your own town. Use the bricks to make buildings and then photograph them with your device to import them into your town in 3D.

The lego characters in the game will go off and build your town and you can then complete several missions and mini-games including catching a thief and other fun activities.

Lego Fusion Set Battle Towers

Lego Fusion Town Master
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This 212-piece set includes the Lego Fusion baseplate and bricks for building a 2D tower – photograph it via the app and watch it come to life as wizards and archers and even a dragon fight in and around the tower using magic, fireballs and arrows. Repair and redesign as you go to unlock special features.

Lego Fusion Set Lego Friends Resort Designer

Lego Fusion Town Master
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This 262-piece set includes lego bricks for creating 2D representations of buildings to create a virtual summer resort for the Lego Friends. Build houses, rooms, shops and cafes and use the app to bring your designs to life in 3D. You can decorate the inside of your buildings any way you want. Complete missions and play mini games.