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Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Science Sets

STEM Skills targeted: Science, engineering
Recommended age: 5- 8 years

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Thames & Kosmos are a producer of popular science kits covering a wide range of learning aims from chemistry to robotics (See all the Thames & Kosmos kits here). Their “Little labs” range are targeted at younger kids and are suitable for kids aged 5+ with adult supervision.

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Stepping Into Science

Thames and kosmos little labs stepping into science
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This starter science kit is designed to spark a love of science in young children with 25 fun experiments that cover nature, physics, chemistry, air and water.

These experiments are intended to spark kids curiosity and get them asking questions about the world they live in. They’ll learn about what plants need to grow, how a magnifying glass works, how colors mix, how sundials can be used to tell the time and much more.

Some of the fun activities include writing secret messages, blowing super bubbles, building a soap-driven boat, painting with sugar and watching a balloon inflate itself.

Everything you need is in the kit and all the scientific principles are explained along with the instructions for each experiment.

This is a great starter kit for curious kids and has loads of educational value for homeschoolers or those looking to supplement their child’s schooling with learning at home.

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Intro to Engineering

Thames and Kosmos little Labs intro to engineering
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This kit is designed to introduce the basic principles of engineering such as levers, forces and pulleys to your kids through building simple machines.

The kit includes 25 projects with full instructions and diagrams of how to build using the included components. Kids can build machines that work on land, in the air or in water:

There are also engineering experiments included that use objects you’ll find in your home such as a telephone and television.

If your kids have got to that stage where they’re really interested in how things work and want to take things apart, they’ll love working through the projects in this kit with a little help from you.

Thames & Kosmos Little Labs Animal Science

thames and kosmos little labs animal science
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This is a great little kit for learning about animals in your backyard and investigating their natural habitats. IT would make a great resource for a unit study for homeschool or just a fun educational activity for animal-mad kids.

The kit includes: